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CBA Load Securing Guidance

FOREWORD by Peter Brown
Head of Work Environment, Radiation & Gas Division, Cross-cutting Interventions Directorate, Health and Safety Executive

Unsafe loads on vehicles injure more than 1200 people a year and cost UK businesses millions of pounds a year in damaged goods. Goods transported on the road should be secured so that they do not present a danger of injury either during transit or during unloading. Insecure loads can fall from the vehicle in transit, endangering other road users, or the movement of the load may contribute to a vehicle rollover. Loads that become unstable in transit may fall from the vehicle during unloading, endangering the driver and/or loading bay personnel.

This guidance document has been written by the Chemical Business Association to help those involved in transporting packaged chemical goods make health and safety improvements to load securing. This guidance represents good practice which may go further than the minimum you need to do to comply with the law, as set out in the Department for Transport’s Code of Practice Safety of Loads on Vehicles.

Load Securing Guidance