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Blagden to supply NOVARES hydrocarbon resins to customers in the UK and Ireland

16 December 2020

Blagden's LogoBlagden Specialty Chemicals Ltd has been appointed the exclusive UK and Irish distributor for the Novares range of hydrocarbon resins from Rain Carbon Company (formerly known as Rütgers) from 1st January 2021.
“The Novares range of hydrocarbon resins is a valuable addition to the high-performance products we already offer,” said Blagden CEO Graham Turton. “They will be available for prompt distribution from UK-based warehouses in the new year.”
Novares resins are based on petrochemical feedstock and offer diverse properties which help to produce safe and high-quality products for industries including coatings, plastics, rubber and adhesives as well as for road construction and printing inks. The resins are produced by Rain Carbon Inc, a global leader in the production of raw materials.
Blagden has a long-established reputation as a leading supplier across UK and Irish industrial markets, representing some of the largest and most innovative manufacturers. It takes over distribution from Gelpke & Bate who, after a long association with Rain Carbon, will close their office by December 31st 2020.
“We will soon be expanding the range with the introduction of hydrogenated versions of hydrocarbon resins,” Graham added. “This pure series of resins offer a water-white quality, low odour and colour, thermal stability and excellent compatibility where required.”
To find out more about these products or to discuss specific needs within the following industries, please contact:
Coatings: Michael Austin on 01959 560804 (
Plastics: Ian Corke on 01959 560809 (
Industrial Applications: Greg White on 01959 560817 (
Printing Inks: Philip Randall on 01959 560857 (

Media contacts: please call Graham Turton, CEO on 01959 560831 or email

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