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Blagden appoints new business development …

Blagden appoints new business development manager for its plastics additives division

1 April 2019


Blagden's LogoBlagden Specialty Chemicals, supplier of high-quality chemicals and ingredients, has
appointed Mike Woolley as business development manager for its plastics additives division.
Mike Woolley has a wealth of operational, process and technical experience in the global chemical
market. This, combined with a strong background in specialty polymer additives gives him a good
overview of customer needs both now and in the future. Like many in the industry, he foresees
significant changes happening as a result of the “Blue Planet effect” and the likely legislative
amendments to facilitate a more sustainable future.
“The plastics industry has to adapt to take a more sustainable route,” he says. “We are already
seeing moves to facilitate easier and more recycling and re-use of plastics in packaging. Ideally it
needs to be accompanied by more joined up thinking to open up opportunities for technological
advances, such as compatibilisers for plastics.”
As a supplier of specialty chemicals to the industry, including products which support effective
recycling, Mike considers Blagden is well-placed to be ready with the products customers need as
they adapt to the challenges.
“Blagden has the opportunity to be really dynamic,” he says. “Our independence is a real strength
and our size means we can move quickly. The door is open for smaller players like us who can offer
expertise and dedicated service with a real focus on customer value.”
Speaking about the appointment, Ross Straughan, Commercial General Manager, said: “I am
delighted to welcome Mike Woolley to Blagden. He has proven experience in driving and
delivering business growth and is enthusiastic to identify and develop new opportunities with our
supply partners and customers at a time when there is a genuine need for innovative and sustainable solutions.”

Mike Woolley

Mike Woolley – Business Development Manager Blagden Plastic Additives

Information for editors:
Blagden Specialty Chemicals Limited is one of the best-known names in the distribution of specialty chemicals for the UK and Irish markets. The company represents leading global manufacturers to provide a comprehensive product range across key market sectors, supported by technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of applications and benefits.
Blagden Plastics Additives supplies high-quality specialist products and materials to plastics and associated industries, including thermoplastic, themoset, PVC, rubber and wire and cable. From talcs to silicones, plastics additives to pigments, flame retardants to glass microspheres, the company aims to provide a comprehensive range to meet all its customer’s needs.

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