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Workshops and Seminars

Back To Basics Introductory RC (Member Only)

3 February 2022


The seminar provides an introduction to the CBA Responsible Care programme including:
•The 8 Guiding Principles
•The cycle of Responsible Care
•The Responsible Care logo
•The Responsible Care Awards

Why attend?
Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s commitment to continual improvement in health, safety and environmental performance. Compliance with the Responsible Care (RC) is mandatory for all CBA Distributor and Logistics Services members. One of the first steps on joining the CBA is that the company appoints an RC Coordinator who should then attend a Back to Basics seminar.

Who should attend?
This introductory seminar will help the RC Coordinators of companies new to Responsible Care understand the key elements of the CBA RC programme. It is also suitable for newly appointed RC Co-ordinators in existing member companies, as well as for those who would like a general introduction to the CBA RC programme.

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