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Chinese QR Codes

Chinese QR Codes

2 June 2023


China’s new Hazardous Chemical Registration Comprehensive Service System was launched on February 16, 2022, which supports the automatic generation of QR codes (called “hazardous chemical safety information codes”) for registered hazardous chemicals. (China Hazardous Chemical Registration)

Following the “One enterprise, one chemical product, and one QR code” principle, hazardous chemical management based on QR code. The scheme has been piloted in some areas of China with plans to fully extend by the end of 2023.

About the Presenter

Mr. Bryan Zhou is Deputy General Manager and Senior Regulatory Consultant of CIRS Europe based in Dublin,

Ireland. He has been working for CIRS for more than seven years. His extensive
expertise includes EU REACH, China REACH, K-REACH, Global GHS requirements
and other worldwide regulation compliance knowledge. Bryan has assisted
hundreds of EU companies meet regulatory compliance requirements in these
Established in 2007, CIRS Group is a leading product safety and regulatory
consulting firm. With its headquarters based in Hangzhou, China and
subsidiaries in the Republic of Ireland, South Korea, the United States, the
United Kingdom, Beijing and Nanjing, CIRS Group utilizes its technical
expertise, various resources and international network to provide one-stop
compliance services from regulatory compliance, laboratory testing, R&D to data services across multiple
industries such as chemicals, cosmetics, food and food beverages, medical devices, agrochemical products,
disinfectants and consumer goods, to help clients gain a competitive advantage by reducing business risks
associated with regulatory affairs.

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