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COMAH The Basics Workshop

COMAH The Basics Workshop

21 March 2023

Hybrid: Online/Crewe

Have you heard about Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations or COMAH?

Is your site managing the stock inventory to remain ‘out of scope’ of the regulations? Do you understand why you do this?

This workshop provides a step by step insight into the COMAH regime It will begin at a basic level to increase awareness of the regimes provisions and build further using examples to illustrate the obligations.

COMAH is a strict regime and requires a level of knowledge and commitment above that of general health and safety Understanding the potential impacts is key to managing a site or remaining outside the regime.

The workshop is suitable for all levels of personnel requiring a practical knowledge of COMAH including regulatory compliance specialists.

It will be useful to those specifically operating sites within this regime or those who are thinking about
whether they want to enter for the first time.

The workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of the Control of Major Accident Hazards regulations in the UK including:

• Why the regulation exist
• Scope of the regime
• COMAH Threshold calculations
• Planning consent provisions
• Emergency planning
• Information to the general public
• Competent Authority activity
• Potential future impacts
• Hot topics of interest
• Notification and Marking of sites

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