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5 November 2020

HFL VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)

The workshop will provide an understanding of:
  • The requirement for effective competence management
  • Principles of effective competence management systems
  • Competence management best practice
The course will also discuss the HSE’s expectations whilst discussing practical best practice advice in managing competence for high hazard industries.
Why attend?
Competence is a combination of skills, knowledge, attitudes, training, and
experience and encompasses continually improving knowledge and competence, ensuring appropriate information is available and consistently applying what has been learned.
Assessing and assuring competence can be a large task, but one that is essential to maintaining site and process safety, particularly on high hazard sites. People at all levels of the organization are central to controlling Major Accident Hazards.

When things go wrong and systems and processes break down, it is only competent people who can return the situation to normal. By thinking about people as an asset – not just a potential source of failure – we can maximize business and safety performance.

Who should attend?

This event is suitable for “Manufacturing, Storage and Distribution companies only”

The training is designed for supervisors and managers, from all disciplines, with an active responsibility for competence management, for example; Site
Managers, Operations / production managers, Health, safety and environmental managers, Engineering and maintenance managers and Human resources and training personnel.

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