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Workshops and Seminars

DGSA Examinations Techniques & Pitfalls

1 March 2021

Virtual Workshop

The workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of the DGSA examination including:

  • Précis of the three exams (Core, All classes, Road)
  • Common areas where candidates struggle
  • Exam techniques
  • Permitted materials
  • Referencing in answers
  • Time management (Exam lengths, Read through)

Why attend?
In the UK the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) qualification is awarded to candidates on the successful completion of three examinations. However, for many candidates these are the first exams they may have taken in a ‘long while’ and hence they struggle with the intricacies of exam technique.

The exam is an ‘open book’ format and so all the information necessary is at the candidate’s fingertips. However, to be successful candidates also need to understand ‘how to apply the knowledge’ and ‘what the exam markers will be looking for’.

Without these aides invariably candidates ‘panic’ in the exam missing vital and sometimes easy marks.

Who should attend?
This one-day seminar is aimed at anyone who is planning to take the DGSA examinations for the first time or is requalifying in 2020 and require information and advice regarding what to expect on the day.

The seminar will go into details regarding the ADR regulations so prior knowledge is an advantage.

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