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Member Engagement Day

Member Engagement Day

6 July 2022


The morning talks will cover a variety of topics (different every time), not only aimed at letting you know what we have been doing to support your business but also covering other hot topics of interest at that time. None of these presentations will be of a highly technical nature.

For those of you attending online, the morning session has been strictly timed so that you can ‘dip in’ to the subjects that you want to see and ‘dip out’ of those that you don’t

In the afternoon, we get technical… and this session will follow the same format as our previous regional meetings providing up-to-date information on general regulatory topics past, present and future to help keep you ‘ahead of the curve’. The Responsible Care Nucleus meeting has not been lost but instead is now spread out throughout the day with relevant topics being discussed as and when necessary. No fixed timings are given for the afternoon as the specific topics will depend upon the latest information and issues at that time.

Provisional Agenda (subject to change)
10:00 – CBA activity and update
10:25 – BREAK
10:35 – What the future might hold for the Chemical Supply Chain – Feedback from the CBA’s two “Big Debates” at CHEMUK. Elaine McGavin Chemical Business Association
11:15 – BREAK
11:25 – Attracting new talent into the industry – A view from the CBA’s Young Person Forum
12:00 – LUNCH
13:00 – 16:00 – Open Technical Forum – A round up of the latest regulatory and Responsible Care updates providing information across a wide range of subjects

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