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The management of DSEAR

The management of DSEAR

10 November 2023

Hybrid - Online / Crewe

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) apply to all workplaces where dangerous substances are used or produced. This includes many low-risk workplaces, such as those where flammable liquids / explosible dusts are used and stored within the workplace.

DSEAR requires all such workplaces to carry out a risk assessment and ensure suitable control measures are in place. The complexities of DSEAR risk assessments can make them technically challenging and time consuming.

Once a DSEAR Risk Assessment is in place it is vital that the contents are managed effectively and appropriately in order to then protect the workforce and the business. Recovering from a major fire or explosion incident may simply be beyond your business’s resources.

This ½ day course is aimed at those responsible for managing DSEAR and will help you to understand your responsibilities, and how to comply with the law by assessing the risks to people’s safety and ensure the controls you have in the workplace are suitable and sufficient
The workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of:

• What are the risks from dangerous substances?
• What is DSEAR?
• Who does DSEAR apply to?
• Activities covered by DSEAR.
• The Law including DSEAR 2002 and the Fire Safety Order 2005.
• Regulations and how they affect workplaces with an explanation of which order control measures should be considered and implemented in.
• Who has duties under DSEAR?
• The DSEAR Risk assessment and Ignition Hazard Assessment.
• Elimination, reduction, or mitigation of risks • General safety measures
• Classification of hazardous zones
• Equipment and protective systems in hazardous zones
• Work clothing and personal protective equipment
• Accidents, incidents, and emergencies
• Information, instruction, and training
• Crisis Management / Disaster Recovery Management

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