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12 May 2015

The European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc) has named Douglas Leech, CBA’s Technical Director as its ‘Man of the Year’.

Announcing the Award at the European Association’s Annual Congress in Athens, 6-8 May 2015, Fecc’s President, Neville Prior, said, “The Fecc Award is given in recognition to those who have distinguished themselves for outstanding performances in the European chemical distribution industry. And this year’s recipient has truly made an outstanding personal contribution to our association.  We would like to thank him for all the great work and huge contribution he has put into our efforts to help our industry move ahead and grow stronger.”

“As Vice-Chair of Fecc’s Safety, Health, and Environment Committee, his expertise, commitment and dedication its work has been outstanding. Douglas is not only very active with the Committee’s internal activities, but he also regularly represents Fecc at external meetings,” he added.

Douglas Leech said, “I am honoured and flattered to receive this Award and would like to thank all my Fecc colleagues for this accolade.”

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(1) Douglas Leech joined the CBA in 2003 as its Technical Manager and became its Technical Director in 2011.  He provides advice and assistance to member companies on legal, regulatory and compliance issues as well as representing the industry on several official bodies in the UK and Europe.  A qualified chemist, he holds a degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Northumbria. He is a Chartered Chemist, a Chartered Scientist, a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, a Fellow of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, and an Associate of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.  He is also a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser.

(2) The Chemical Business Association (CBA) represents the independent chemical supply chain.  Its membership includes distributors, traders, warehouse operators, along with logistics and transport companies.  CBA’s members, the majority of which are SMEs, are the main industry interface with thousands of UK downstream chemical users.

(3) CBA member companies employ more than 7,600 people. They distribute, pack, and blend nearly 4 million tonnes of chemicals each year with a market value of almost three billion euros.  In addition, CBA’s logistics member companies handle more than three million tonnes of chemicals annually.

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