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DEFRA have produced several IT videos to help companies use the UK REACH IT service.  The links below will take you through the process in a step by step approach.

  • This video shows you how to set up a new account so you can access the UK REACH services How to set up a REACH IT account
  • This video shows you how to grandfather an EU REACH registration into the UK REACH service Grandfathering
  • This video shows you how to apply for a new substance registration if you do not currently import or manufacture that substance. New substance registration
  • This video shows you how to set up a parent-child account that is linked to the main account you initially created. Parent-child

Below is a link to the ECHA website. A range of up to date guidance documents are available, along with the answers to many frequently asked questions.

ECHA website – REACH

ECHA has several manuals available to assist with preparation of registration dossiers, authorisation dossiers and on several other topics. They can be found here.

If you are unable to find the answer to the question you are looking for on the ECHA website, please don’t hesitate to contact CBA on 01270 258200

Updated and expanded UKCSF guidance for SMEs and downstream users on the 2018 REACH Registration deadline

THE UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum (CSF) has updated its guidance on ‘What SMEs need to know about the 2018 REACH Registration deadline’, along with additional guidance to help other industry stakeholders. The purpose of the updated guidance remains to raise awareness of the deadline and to help businesses to consider what they have to do, in particular to prepare and submit dossiers to ECHA. The additional guidance is aimed at downstream users who need to assess the potential for the disruption of their supply chains if substances on which they depend are not registered.

An explanatory note download

The CSF has updated its guidance on the REACH 2018 Registration Deadline
This guidance provides a brief introduction to the registration element of REACH and was originally published in 2015. The UK CSF has prepared this updated guidance as a key milestone approaches – 31 May 2018 – the registration deadline for tens of thousands of substances, which are manufactured or imported in quantities between 1 and 100 tonnes per year (substances used in high tonnages have already been registered).

Guidance on the REACH 2018 Registration Deadline download

The CSF has produced new guidance for Downstream Users. 
Most of the obligations under REACH apply to manufacturers and importers, but Downstream User is a specific role under REACH. Downstream Users are businesses that use a chemical substance, either on its own or in a mixture, in the course of their industrial or professional activities. For example, this document is applicable to businesses that undertake formulation activities or the production of articles. It helps them understand and create their “portfolio” and there is advice on how to use the ECHA Registration database, how to engage with suppliers (including a template letter), and what to do if a substance is not going to be registered.

New guidance for Downstream Users download

The CSF has produced new guidance on Articles.
This short guidance is aimed at businesses who manufacture or import components, parts or finished products. Such businesses may think they don’t use chemicals or expose their customers to them, but many everyday objects contain chemical substances or mixtures.  The guidance will help businesses to understand any registration, or other, obligations.

CSF new guidance on Articles download