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Award Winners

The CBA would like to thank to everyone that came along to our 100th Anniversary Celebration and Awards Night and for making it such a success and memorable occasion! We all really enjoyed ourselves and hope you did to.

Below are just a few pics of the night.

We have run our Responsible Care Awards for many years ad the calibre of entries has always been of the highest standard, so it was no surprise that the entries for this years expanded number of awards, were numerous in quantity and of an equally high standard. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to all others on the shortlist.

To see all of the photos please follow this link – Awards night Photos


Responsible Care Award for Logistics Services Members – Supported by Generation Logistics

Winner – W H Bowker Ltd

 W H Bowker Ltd won through their demonstrated commitment to Responsible Care.  The judges were particularly impressed with their ambitious continuous improvement, varied local community interaction and commitment to training


Responsible Care Award for Distributors (Office Only) – Supported by the Trade Association Forum (TAF)

Winner – Meade-King, Robinson & Co Ltd

 MKR were the outstanding winner of this category due to their focus on supplier approval focusing on quality and C.S.R.  They also showed excellence in their product stewardship by developing processes to ensure efficient communication down the supply chain

Responsible Care Award for Distributors (with Operational Sites) –Supported by Ricardo

Winner – Multisol UK Ltd

Multisol were the stand out winner in this category due to their demonstrated safety culture, commitment to employee wellbeing and training.  It was clear to see the senior leadership commitment to safety and Responsible Care and this was demonstrated through their excellent safety record

Sustainability Award – Supported by the Department for Trade & Business

Winner – Brenntag UK & Ireland

Brenntag won due to showing clear targets, proven achievements, and clear steps to be taken in the future. Particularly, a fair and safe employer, responsible partner for suppliers and communities and Climate protection and reduction of emissions that was set out in the entry stood out to the judging panel

Highly Commended – Univar Solutions UK Ltd

Univar had the overall edge in term of Social sustainability due to the initiatives and culture of sustainability embedded into the company itself that was very visible.


Wellbeing Award – Supported by Alcohols Ltd

Winner – Hanson Logistics Ltd

 Hanson’s remarkable achievement in winning the Wellbeing Award is a testament to their unwavering commitment to an “Employee 1st” philosophy and their dedication to family values in all aspects of their operation.

Their outstanding efforts in creating a home away from home environment for HGV drivers during their journeys showcase their exceptional care and consideration for their workforce.

Furthermore, Hanson’s ability to infuse a sense of fun into their workplace while simultaneously offering training in over 7000 courses, both work and non-work related, is truly commendable. With a remarkable third of their staff boasting over a decade of service, it’s evident that Hanson fosters a strong sense of belonging and family among their employees.

Hanson’s recognition with the Wellbeing Award is a testament to their exceptional approach to employee well-being and their enduring commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. Congratulations to Hanson for this well-deserved achievement!

Community Engagement Award – Supported by the Airedale Group

Winner – H W Coates LtdH W Coates Logo

Coates impressed the Judges with the wide variety of charities and organisations that they supported and they liked that each site was doing something specific for their community and that the staff engagement was clearly visible throughout

Highly Commended – Grace Overseas Ltd

The judges were delighted to see Grace Overseas’ past and ongoing commitment to young people particularly in sports

Made a Difference Award – Supported by Alfa Chemicals Ltd

Winner – Paul Smith of Brenntag UK & Ireland

The panel decided that Paul’s split-second decision to disregard his own safety in that moment to save the life of another person made a profound difference and exemplified the virtues of attentiveness, focus and the diligent application of his driving training, briefings and defensive driving techniques which made him a worthy winner of this award. This together with a career over two decades as a professional chemical delivery driver demonstrates the importance and value of good training and applying that day in day out to ensure safety when driving for work

Highly Commended – Brian Killerby of Hibiscus Plc

Brian received his honour for his dedication and commitment to the Chemical Supply Chain, his valuable support and contributions to trade associations and industry advisory committees and the overall impact and difference he has made during his successful career

Young Person Award – Supported by Cogent Skills

Winner – Vicky De Groof of Holiferm Ltd

The Judges thought that Vicky had consistently demonstrated her dedication to personal growth, starting with Holiferm as a Senior Fermentation & Downstream Processing Engineer, and within the year was promoted to CTO.  Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to personal growth while passionately sharing her expertise with those around her, making her a true role model for those aspiring to build careers in our industry.  Her advice to the next generation of talent is “Don’t forget to enjoy it”.

A Special Mention goes to Alex Jamieson from Alcohols Limited

For his remarkable journey into the chemical supply chain. His determination in overcoming numerous barriers and his unwavering passion for lifelong learning have not only propelled him forward but also inspired those around him. Congratulations and we wish you continued success in your career

Lifetime Achievement Award – supported by Higgi Ltd

Winner – Joan Traynor of Azelis UK Ltd

From leaving school Joan has led by example as she rose up the ranks within Azelis and previous organisations within the chemical industry. She has shown a passion for the development and active mentoring of people which has resulted in a number of proteges moving into senior positions. Her attention to detail and emphasis on achieving growth while focussing on continuous process improvement to drive efficiency throughout the supply chain has inspired others within the sector.

Her ability, passion, work ethic, contribution to the wider chemical supply chain and the Chemical Business Association are just some of the reasons why Joan Traynor was a worthy winner of the Lifetime Achievement award

Highly Commended

Brian Killerby of Hibiscus Plc for his innovative work in a vital aspect of hazard communication, Darren Copson of Multisol UK Ltd and Anthony Lyons of Nordmann UK Ltd for their valuable and continuing contribution to their business, the wider chemical supply chain, Responsible Care and the CBA over the years

Affiliate Member of the Year Award 

Winner – Hibiscus Plc

The judges chose Hibiscus as the winner as the project that they showcased in their entry demonstrated a partnership between industry and academia to help solve problems. This has not only benefited the company but is also a major benefit for society

Their entry also demonstrated industry leadership, innovation, initiative, partnership, collaboration and their impact will be felt by the wider pubic in years to come

Logistics Services Member of the Year Award

Winner – Hanson Logistics Ltd

The Judges felt that Hanson showed true commitment to Health and Safety (it’s not seen as a tick box exercise) and are going above and beyond legal requirements to actively reduce incidents.  They have shown resilience during uncertainty, adaption to the uncertainty (during Covid, Brexit, Supply Chain issues) and a commitment to their customers during these times. Their investment in staffing, both in development and personal lives is why they have been recognised for a great entry demonstrating what a company can do, regardless of size

Highly Commended – W H Bowker Ltd for an excellent entry, which recognised their ongoing commitment to supporting staff, addressing skills challenges and embracing innovation.

Distributor / Manufacturer Member of the Year Award

Winner – Holiferm Ltd

The judges were impressed with Holiferm’s entry which showed them being a technology disruptor, having innovative products, a strong growth over a short period, impressive current sales figures, and a wide geographic sales coverage. Coupled with a commitment from EU distributors PRIOR to the plant being built, incredible growth in production capacity, a good environmental story and clear messaging in the application of ‘Ambition’ made them worthy winners of this award

Highly Commended – 2M Group Their focus and commitment in developing their employees was impressive, especially their women’s leadership programme and ‘Accelerator Programme’.  This, along with the impressive business performance, made this a highly commended entry