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DACHSER Ireland creates 6000 hazardous pallet spaces at head office facilities in Dublin

17 July 2024

In response to the evolving landscape of the post-Brexit chemical industry, DACHSER Ireland has successfully completed the first phase of its chemical storage project at its Rathcoole headquarters in Dublin.


Chemical company and Operations Director create perfect fusion

15 July 2024

Chemical specialist, Airedale Group, has appointed an operations director to steer and oversee the department as it continues to enjoy organic growth and eye future acquisitions.


Ricardo: Extended Producer Responsibility and the chemical sector

10 July 2024

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy approach that holds producers accountable for the entire lifecycle of their products, particularly for the take-back, recycling, and final disposal of their products and its associated packaging. EPR regulations have been in place across Europe for 30 years, with many other countries around the world using the EU Packaging Directive as a template to implement their own set of EPR regulations.


Pioneering excellence in CO2 pipeline safety

12 June 2024

Ricardo has joined a new partnership to help advance safety standards in carbon dioxide (CO2) pipeline operations. Project Skylark has been launched in response to the increase in large-scale carbon capture, transportation, and storage projects around the world that are helping to facilitate green energy production.


Judging how to harness the potential of AI

18 April 2024

In this increasingly complex world, providing the chemical industry with first-class groupage logistics means continuously enhancing the services on offer. AI applications play a major role in this perpetual and lasting transformation. Michael Kriegel, Department Head DACHSER Chem Logistics, explains AI’s potential for logistics and how is it helping Dachser to overcome current challenges.


Dachser launches new service providing UK exporters with frictionless EU market access

18 April 2024

DACHSER have today announced the formal launch of their new Smart border connect services, connect40 and connect42. These services will provide UK exporters, shipping on DDP incoterms, with frictionless access to DACHSER’s quality market leading European groupage network which transported 65.7million intra European shipments in 2023.


Trio of appointments boosts chemical team

19 February 2024

Chemical specialist, Airedale Group, has strengthened its team by filling three new roles, reflecting the company’s growth and its focus on health and safety as a business priority.


£1.8M Invested in chemical automation plant

2 February 2024

A filling, packing and palletising robot is the latest investment made by a UK-based chemical manufacturer as it continues its journey towards increased automation and site modernisation. Airedale Group has invested £1.8million into a new production line that will revolutionise operations by increasing productivity and capacity.


Partnership with German company increases manufacturers scope

4 December 2023

Chemical manufacturer and distributor, Airedale Group, has agreed a deal with the German-based surface specialist, Haug Chemie to bring their range of specialist surface solutions to the UK.