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About Us

The Chemical Business Association is the voice of the chemical supply chain.

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023 and has a long and illustrious heritage in delivering for its members.

It is the leading organisation representing the complete chemical supply chain and an award-winning trade association with record levels of membership.

Many CBA members are SMEs and include manufacturers, distributors, traders, warehouse operators, logistics and transport companies, as well as service providers and suppliers who collectively are the main chemical industry interface providing products and services to virtually every sector.

Such a diverse membership gives the CBA a distinct advantage of a 360-degree view and insight of the global chemical supply chain which, combined with the extensive and in-depth expertise of its staff, enables the CBA to provide wide-ranging services and support to its members, as well as to engage and work closely with Government not to mention other key stakeholders in the UK and overseas.

The chemicals and pharmaceutical industry is the UK’s second biggest industry and is the nation’s number one manufacturing exporter, and CBA members contribute in excess of £4 billion to the UK economy and employ over 10,000 people nationwide, handling in excess of 27 million tonnes and making over 2.25 million deliveries of chemicals each year.

Health and safety, as well as people and sustainability are at the heart of the CBA, as it leads and participates in many initiatives such as the ‘Responsible Care Programme’ which it has been part of since 1993.

The Chemical Business Association is the voice of the UK chemical supply chain.

Advocacy for your business – representing your business in Whitehall, Westminster, and Brussels. The Chemical Business Association has effective working relationships with regulators and legislators.

Compliance information and advice – key information to maintain your business in compliance with the regulatory and legislative framework. We will keep you fully briefed on regulatory changes as well as helping you minimise the costs of regulatory compliance.

Seminars and workshops – need-to-know information through the Association’s established programme of seminars and workshops. The Chemical Business Association has also made a commitment to deliver compliance training on demand to its member companies – subject only to its economic viability and co-ordination with events already scheduled. Click here to visit see our upcoming events page.

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Compliance and Best Practice

On behalf of A-Gas Electronic Materials it needs saying how grateful we are for CBA’s ongoing help and advice with the various issues. We have come a very long way since we joined the CBA and appointed you as our DGSA. The technical team’s guidance and support helps us not only with compliance but also gives us a framework to work towards best practice