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Future Council

The Chemical Business Association’s Future Council, launched in 2022, has a mission to promote the chemical supply chain, encouraging future talent to our industry, and promoting STEAM education.

The Young Person’s Award’s shortlisted and winning candidates were invited to form the Future Council which has now rapidly evolved to include talent from a wide variety of roles and businesses helping like minded talent within the sector to grow a strong professional network as well as pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm on to future generations.

Already making progress on the aim and objectives the Future Council engaged with 18,000 individuals across 25 educational establishments in 2023.  With many events, plans and projects to come, the Chemical Business Association’s Future Council continues to find new ways to raise awareness as well encourage new talent into this exciting and vital industry.

The Future Council are proud Generation STEAM Ambassadors promoting the career and job opportunities that exist within the sector.  The chemical supply chain is one of the most important and diverse industries in the world and it is a vital thread that runs through society and economy alike.  Virtually every manufactured product contains inputs from the chemicals industry and the sector’s influence extends far beyond manufacturing alone.

Our Future Council members are sharing their stories with the younger generation sparking interest in our sector while promoting the diverse range of career pathways, catering to different interests and skill sets, with equality and diversity at its heart.

Choosing a career in the chemical supply chain industry provides a unique opportunity to make a positive impact, contribute to global sustainability efforts, and work alongside talented professionals in a dynamic and innovative field.


  • To educate, share skills and raise awareness about our industry – to the next generation and the wider population.
  • Encourage future talent into this diverse and vital industry by sharing our stories
  • Changing perceptions of our industry by showcase the chemical supply chain as it positively influences our pursuit of a sustainable and greener future, as the world transitions towards a net-zero carbon economy
  • To encourage excellence of individuals in the industry and recognise their contribution to the wider chemical sector. Resulting in a highly talented and well-motivated global workforce who possess a ‘can do’ attitude along with relevant skills, knowledge, and experience
  • Grow a strong professional network, actively encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion throughout.

Achievable through…

  • Attending and organising events:
    • Industry exhibitions
    • Organising and participating in outreach events

Working with the Future Council

The Future Council can provide a Q&A panel for events, this has been successfully run at events such as CHEMUK, where Future Council members were invited onto the Big Debate stage to discuss the roles of people coming into the industry.

Our FC members can support careers outreach with schools, colleges and universities across the UK.

Future Council work to encourage, develop and inspire early career professionals and to ensure that their voice is heard in shaping the future of our sector. We offer members of the Future Council under the age of 35 the opportunity to further their knowledge and facilitate networking between generations, with the offer of intergenerational mentoring support with career progression and a resource for the future of the industry.

Future Council Members Include:

Aidan Van Konynenburg – DHL

Anna Lawrence – Azelis UK

Ashley Clinton – BASF

 Benjamin Pruden-Hough – Meade King & Robinson

Clare Holtham – Stort Group

Danny Ashburner – Rakem

Fran Bibby – Shrewdd Marketing

Georgia Llewellyn – Univar Solutions

Hannah Drake – 2M Group

Hannah Loughlin – BASF

Jonathan Marshall – Navigator Terminals

Laura Feasey – REACHLaw UK

Mollie Williams – Nordmann UK

Rebeca Foiea – Meade King & Robinson

Rukhsar Mohamed – Cornelius

Samuel Blank – Solventis

Sean Kelly – Den Hartogh

William Bowker – Bowker Group

Yvonne Malewski – Brenntag UK & Ireland

Zain Khan Banaras – Grolman UK

Caitlin Finnigan – Chemical Business Association

Danish Azri – Chemical Business Association

 Edward Platt – Chemical Business Association

Josh Leech – Chemical Business Association

Heather Carroll – Chemical Business Association

Tim Doggett – Chemical Business Association