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Who are the members?

Membership is corporate and the association welcomes companies regardless of size. Our membership mirrors the industry’s structure and includes major companies, UK subsidiaries with foreign parents, and many micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, covering manufacturers, formulators, distributors, hauliers, packagers, warehouses, and service suppliers to the industry.

The CBA has been the voice of the UK chemical supply chain industry for a century and currently represents more than 170 member companies. Its manufacturers, distributor, logistics and associate membership base alone employs over 10,000 people and contributes more than £4 billion annually to the UK economy, with 2.25 million deliveries being made by our members each year.

What does the Chemical Business Association offer?

We aim to deliver for your business just as you aim to deliver for your customers. We work to deliver the right services in the appropriate timescales to you and through working closely together, to anticipate and help plan for your future needs.
The chemical industry as a whole must deliver within an increasingly strict regulatory framework. Recognising the importance of ensuring safe working practices and preserving our environment, the association engages with member companies, governments and organisations to achieve realistic guidance and monitoring of the UK’s indispensable chemical supply industry. Together we explore the issues and formulate our plans through our technical committees, composed of industry experts and representatives of our membership.

Benefits of Membership

Compliance Information & Services

  • Unrivalled technical and legislative support – your own consultants on hand when advice is needed.
  • Up to date information on relevant changes in and application of legislation.
  • Access to an effective 24hr off-site emergency response scheme, giving cost-effective peace of mind by guaranteeing 24-hour access to information and specialist advice in the event of chemical off-site incidents on public roads in the UK, Ireland and beyond.
  • Practical compliance training for industry.


  • Acting alone, individuals cannot hope to influence public and industrial policies. Acting together, through with the Chemical Business Association as the industry-wide advocate, is the best way to ensure that your individual business interests are effectively represented.

Supply Chain Collaboration & Profile Raising

  • Business development opportunities through our events and publication.

Responsible Care

  • Practical guidance throughout the industry-wide Responsible Care program.

If you need any further information or for an informal discussion, please contact Josh Leech, on 01270 258200 or email

Please note that CBA does not endorse any of our member companies.

Membership of CBA is corporate. Private individuals are not able to join. Applications for membership have to be proposed and seconded by current full members of CBA and have to be approved by CBA Council.
Your CBA subscription will be one of the best investment decisions you make. CBA subscriptions are allowable against tax. They are based on a sliding scale depending on the size of your company.


Membership is open to companies who manufacture, distribute or trade in chemicals and allied products – provided they have a registered office in the United Kingdom. The annual subscription is based on a companies UK turnover

Logistics Services

Logistics Services members are companies providing transport, warehousing, storage or related services to the chemical industry, or businesses for which chemicals are a subsidiary activity but they nevertheless closely identify with CBA’s aims and objectives. The annual subscription is based on the number of people employed by their chemical sector.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate members provide support services, such as insurance, legal services, packaging, but do not buy, sell, store, transport or handle chemicals.

OUTLOOK – CBA’s On-Line Management Briefing

Outlook e-bulletin is part of CBA’s member communications programme. It ise distributed free on demand – and provides a range of industry features and the latest news.

UPDATE – On-Line Technical Newsletter

CBA’s On-Line Update Newsletter is a quick and user-friendly way of keeping up-to-date on a wide range of technical issues – from regulatory changes and consultations to events, meetings and conferences.

Chemical Services Directory

Designed for companies providing services to the chemical sector, CBA’s free Chemical Services Directory offers a fully searchable, on-line directory promoting services offered by member companies.  Click here  to go to the website page

CBA Meeting Room Hire

Click here for details on how book CBA’s meeting room at its Crewe office.

Advertising and sponsorship

CBA offers a number of sponsorship opportunities, notably in relation to its Annual Lunch – the largest chemical industry event in the UK – and also in relation to seminars and workshops. Advertising opportunities are also available through our Outlook e-bulletin


Member companies can advertise job opportunities through CBA’s website. Click here for further details.

These services can be accessed from the Home Page or by calling CBA on 01270 258200 or by e-mail at

On-site consultancy

CBA provides a range of on-site consultancy services. Recent assignments have covered:

  • DGSA Training
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • REACH Audits
  • Health & Safety Audits
  • Environmental Audits
  • Security Audits

CBA is also able to devise bespoke consultancy and training to suit the individual needs of member companies. For an informal discussion to develop a consultancy package dedicated to your company, contact Douglas Leech on 01270 258200.

SDS Checking Service

CBA’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Checking Service ensures member companies are in full compliance with the legal requirements for SDS. CBA checks, authorises, and verifies SDS against REACH and CLP criteria to help ensure compliance with legal requirements. Contact CBA for the costs of this service – discounts are available to volume customers.

Packaging Waste Consultancy

CBA’s on-site consultancy helps members assess their liabilities and discharge their obligations under the packaging waste regulations. CBA’s confidential consultancy provides an on-site one-day appraisal and report by a CBA specialist assessing your company’s liability and how it can be most cost-effectively discharged. Contact CBA for the costs of this service.

Regulatory and Legislative Advice

CBA have proved to be an excellent and responsive contact point for advice , especially with regard to detailed regulatory and legislative matters. The advice received has been extremely valuable and has directly assisted us in our operational and commercial decision-making in several instances in relation to dangerous goods handling and storage