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Responsible Care

What is Responsible Care?Responsible Care Logo

Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s commitment to continual improvement in health, safety, security and environmental performance. It is a global initiative. In the UK, Responsible Care covers the whole of the chemical supply chain – from manufacturers, through to distributors and logistics companies. Compliance with Responsible Care is mandatory for all CBA member companies involved in the trading, distribution, handling, movement and storage of chemicals.

How does Responsible Care measure performance?

Since 1993, CBA has measured the chemical distribution sector’s performance. This is a unique and valuable record illustrating the sector’s year-on-year progress.

Member companies are required to provide Indices of Performance covering key aspects of their health, safety, security and environmental performance. Since 1993, this data has been collected annually, aggregated and published as the distributor Indices of Performance Bulletin. It aims to provide CBA members and their employees, local communities, regulators and other industry stakeholders with a benchmark against which to measure the sector’s year-on-year performance.
Indices of Performance cover:
• Fatalities and Reportable Injuries
• Lost Time Accidents
• Dangerous Occurrences
• Transport Incidents
• Waste Disposal
• Enforcement actions
In 2007, CBA launched a dedicated Logistics Index specifically to measure the health, safety, security and environmental performance of the growing number of logistics companies in CBA membership. Similar Indices of Performance data is also collected annually, aggregated, and then published as the Logistics Index.
Whilst subject to year-on-year fluctuations, both the CBA’s Distributor Indices of Performance Bulletin and Logistics Index illustrate the long-term benefit of Responsible Care and its ability to deliver significant improvements in the industry’s health, safety, security and environmental performance.

Latest Indices of Performance Distributors Report

Latest Logistics Report

In addition to the Indices of Performance, each year individual Companies must also complete and return a Self-Assessment Questionnaire and an Improvement Plan designed to identify and remove any weakness in a member’s health, safety, security and environmental management system. An alternative to this process is available for companies undertaking third party verification.

Responsible Care Award

CBA’s Responsible Care Awards recognise the achievements of member companies beyond basic compliance with the programme. Three Awards are presented annually at CBA’s Annual Lunch at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London – for operational sites involved in distributing, manufacturing or blending; office-only distributor companies; and logistics companies. One of these companies receives the CBA’s overall Responsible Care Award in recognition of its achievements. Since 2012, the Community Interaction Award has also been presented to recognise a major contribution to community interaction by a member company, one of its employees, or by a group of employees.

Third Party Verification (TPV) is the independent third party assessment of companies in the chemical supply chain.

CBA recommends SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability), a pan-European system to evaluate the safety, security, quality, environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards of chemical distributors and Logistics Services Providers. It also offers a system of third party verification to Responsible Care.

SQAS has a suite of assessment modules. For chemical distributors, the European Single Assessment Document (ESAD) is a system for assessing the standards of their operations; whilst for companies providing transport and warehouse logistics services, the Transport Service and Warehouse questionnaires of SQAS provide a similar form of assessment

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TPV offers additional benefits to companies handling high consequence dangerous goods – it allows them to benefit from 50% fewer inspections by the Department for Transport.
CBA has negotiated a landmark agreement with the Department for Transport (DfT) for member companies engaged in handling high consequence dangerous goods. This agreement is the first of its kind in the chemical sector and a major step forward for the industry.
To qualify for 50% fewer inspections by the DfT, companies must be compliant with relevant security regulations, be compliant members of the CBA’s Responsible Care programme, and hold a current independent Third Party Verification (TPV) assessment recognised by DfT and CBA.


To help member companies moving towards TPV, CBA is offering a FREE expert pre-assessment review. Whilst this will not constitute a SQAS/ESAD assessment, which can only be undertaken by an accredited assessor, it is designed to help a company gauge its state of readiness for an assessment and will be undertaken by CBA staff experienced in the development of the ESAD questionnaires and guidance.

For further details, contact CBA’s Responsible Care Co-ordinator, Michael Cooper on 01270 258200 or e-mail


Click here for a listing of accredited TPV Assessors.


The following CBA member companies have been awarded permission to use the ICTA TPV logo:

Alcohols Limited
The Coates Group
Melrob Limited
Monarch Chemicals Limited
Multisol Limited
WhitChem Limited

Agility Logistics Ltd
Alcohols Ltd
Blagden Specialty Chemicals Ltd
Bowker Ltd
Caldic Ltd
Camida Ltd
Chemical Raw Materials Ltd
Cornelius Group plc
Dakram Materials Ltd
Hayman Ltd
Higgi Ltd
H.W. Coates Ltd
Industrial Chemicals Group
J V Barrett & Co Ltd
London Chemicals
Melrob Ltd
Multisol Group
Solenis UK Ltd
Tan International Ltd
Tap Freight Ltd
Univar Ltd
WhitChem Limited
Zanos Ltd

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) has announced the winners of its Responsible Care Awards.
These annual Awards recognise excellence by CBA member companies in relation to the operation of its Responsible Care programme, an industry-wide initiative promoting year-on-year improvements in health, safety, security and environmental management and on member companies’ interaction with their local communities.
This year’s award was won by AGILITY LOGISTICS LIMITED. Agility is a worldwide group with sales of 5.2 million US dollars and 26,000 employees in 110 countries. In the UK, Agility offers multimodal logistics services backed by comprehensive warehousing facilities.
The company’s winning entry demonstrated its unswerving commitment to Responsible Care, its emphasis on communicating with employees, establishing a Staff Forum, a staff survey and feedback, and its engagement with the work/life balance and its mental health initiative.
CBA’s Community Interaction Award acknowledges a major contribution to community interaction by a member company, one of its employees, or a group of employees. The winner of this year’s Community Interaction Award was 2M HOLDINGS.
2M Holdings is a private company, headquartered in the UK and with an international presence in Benelux, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Nordics and Poland. The group exports a range of key chemicals – specialty chemicals, industrial gases, and chemical services – to customers in more than 90 countries.
The company won its Award because of its championship of STEM initiatives to promote an interest in careers in science-based industries among school children, students, parents, and universities. The company created a STEM Centre at its head office and, in 2019, created ten graduate jobs in group companies as well as IT apprenticeships. It also led a number of imaginative educational initiatives and participated in a number of careers events.
This year, the judges also awarded a Highly Commended Certificate to Agility Logistics Limited for its commitment to STEM initiatives and its support for community charities.