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Health & Safety

Principles of Safety Leadership

In July 2009 the chairman of Chemical Business Association Francis Osborn and the Head of Chemical Industries Division Peter Baker Signed a declarartion on principles of Safety Leadership.

Safety Leadership Principles

Process Safety Alerts 

As part of the commintments to safety leadership, the sharing of and learning lessons from relevant safety incidents is important. CBA is part of the safety Process forum (PSF) which share lessons to aid other sectors.

COMAH Safety Alert

Safety and Environmental Standards for fuel storage sites

This is the final report of the Process Safety Leadership Group.

Process Safety Leadership Group Final Report

HSG71 – Chemical Warehousing: The storage of packaged dangerous substances

This is an extract of Table 2 (the segregation table) taken from HSE guidance document HSG71 Chemical Warehousing – The storage of packaged dangerous substances.
Table 2 General recommendations for the separation or segregation of different classes of dangerous substances.

HSG71. Table 2 extract

The full version of HSG71 is available to download from HSE books.