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Sustainability Hub

Sustainability Hub

At the Chemical Business Association (CBA), we realise the need for accessible and relevant resources to aid our members on their sustainability journey. The Sustainability Hub serves as a comprehensive resource platform designed to aid and empower  members on their journey towards sustainability. The Sustainability Hub compiles the  knowledge and resources from our ever-expanding stakeholder and partner network within the Chemical Supply Chain.

In line with the Sustainability Hub, we have a  Sustainability Forum that serves as a network of stakeholders and partners within the CBA’s network. The forum aims to steer the future developments of the Sustainability Hub itself. Including, but not limited to, the development of guidance documents, templates, and sharing of best practices. The collective voice of the forum  will also inform our lobbying efforts to ensure effective developments of regulation by working closely with other industry bodies, government departments, and government agencies.

By advocating for change, bridging the gap between industry and government, and providing relevant resources, we facilitate the adoption of sustainability to our members so they are equipped with the tools to overcome these challenges.

CBA members are able to access the Sustainability Hub using your member login here. For more information, queries or would like support, please contact Danish at