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The Chemical Business Association achieves agreement to amend regulations on GBL and BDO

9 March 2022

On Monday, 7 March, the Home Office advised in a letter to industry that Ministers have agreed to amend licensing requirements for controlled drugs gamma butyrolactone (GBL) and 1,4–butanediol (1,4-BD, also referred to as BDO)

This follows a campaign by the Chemical Business Association (CBA) to highlight these licensing requirements to industry, during which it became clear that the impacts would be significantly greater than originally estimated.

As a result, the CBA has led and coordinated discussions with the Home Office and other stakeholders in conjunction with the Alliance of Chemical Associations (ACA) to raise the industry’s concerns – and in particular, the implications for suppliers and end-users.

In the letter, the Home Office recognise “that businesses require certainty about the final position and timing” and that they intend “to make a further announcement about the detailed proposals as soon as possible.” This will be followed by a consultation with industry with a view to bring forward the new legislation in May.

In response, CBA’s Chief Executive, Tim Doggett said, “We welcome the pragmatic approach that Government has taken and that they have listened to and acted on our concerns. Industry remains committed to the highest levels of safety and security and we will continue to work with the relevant stakeholders to reach an effective and workable solution.”



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