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Compliance on Demand

Compliance training is delivered by our internal team and other industry experts who are dedicated to providing advice, assistance and training to maximise the effectiveness and minimise the costs of regulatory compliance.

Just two caveats underpin CBA’s commitment to Compliance on Demand; that there are enough delegates to make each event commercially viable; and that the scheduling of the individual events is controlled by CBA.

The table below shows topics that members have expressed an interest in together with the number of people who would like to attend. If you would like to know more about an event, if there is any subject not listed that you would like to be included, or you want to register your interest, please email

Please note that not all suggested topics offer sufficient content to allow them to become a full training event. However, if enough interest is shown in such a subject, the CBA Team will endeavour to provide an alternative solution.

Events Proposed Venue Minimum Delegate to Run Maximum Delegate Current Demand
Media Training Crewe 12 35 2
SDS The Basics Crewe 6 35 1
REACH Refresher Crewe 6 35 1
Import Essentials Crewe 6 35 3
CLP Labelling Crewe 6 35 2
Safety Leadership for CEOs Crewe 6 35 1
Competence Management Crewe 6 35 1
Root Cause Analysis Crewe 6 35 2
Emergency Response Crewe 6 35 1
ESAD Clinic Crewe 6 35 1
SDS Exposure Scenarios Crewe 6 35 1
Biocidal Products Crewe 6 35 1
Import under REACH Crewe 6 35 1
REACH Refresher (or equiv) Crewe 6 35 2
Export documentation Crewe 6 35 1
Advanced RC Crewe 6 35 2
Human Integrity in Warehouse Facilities Crewe 6 35 2

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