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Donated Defibrillators are saving local li…

Donated Defibrillators are saving local lives

11 August 2023

Cross Hills has received the area’s first of a new model of defibrillator designed to make saving lives as simple as possible.

Airedale Group has donated the innovative ZOLL fully automatic AED (automated external defibrillator) to the village as part of its support in providing life-saving equipment in its neighbouring areas.

Located in the centre of Cross Hills, between estate agent Wilman & Wilman and Enrico’s hairdressers, the defibrillator features real time feedback on a full-colour, intuitive touchscreen to help users deliver the best possible quality CPR.

Unlike older models, it reduces the downtime between shocks to deliver them more quickly and improve outcomes. A cycle timer and guide to compression depths are also designed to enhance the survival chances of anyone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Defibrillators donated by Airedale Group have been used more than 20 times since they were installed offering a greater chance of survival for many residents whose hearts stop beating.

Malcolm Linford, local Yorkshire Ambulance Service community first responder, says: “We believe this is the first of this new generation AED in our area which will hopefully save more lives. Airedale Group has significantly increased the chance of survival for residents who happen to suffer a cardiac arrest in the area who can now receive help in the vital first few minutes.”

Airedale has already supplied defibrillators in Sutton, Cross Hills and Glusburn and provides replacement batteries and pads in other existing systems in the area.

Chris Chadwick, executive chairman of Airedale Group, adds: “It’s incredible to know that the defibrillators we have provided are actually being used in the community and may just be saving the lives of our neighbours.

“As a company we’ve always been aware of our responsibility to our communities and the environment and this project is one of many that form part of our Environment, Social and Governance policy which we will be building on in the future.”

Airedale Group, founded in 1973, is based in Cross Hills and provides chemicals and related services to the UK and Europe.

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