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Workshops and Seminars

CDG General Awareness

25 January 2022


The workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of:

  • What the regulations are intended to achieve
  • What are the obligations
  •  Who is responsible?
  • How to classify goods
  • How to package materials
  • How to label goods
  • Essential documentation
  • Security requirements
  • DfT HCDG Video
  • Interactions between modes
  • Future development

Did you know that organisations involved in the carriage of Dangerous Goods, have a duty to train all personnel in the general provisions of the regulations, and this popular workshop is updated every year to reflect any changes to these regulations The workshop will ‘run through’ the Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CDG) from first principles and previous delegates have told us that whilst the day is packed full of useful information, the style of presentation made it very easy to understand and therefore extremely useful. Whether you consign, carry or store goods, this will deliver “Peace of Mind” in knowing if you are in scope of the regulation or not.

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