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Chemical Warehousing Workshop

Chemical Warehousing Workshop

18 October 2022

Hybrid: Online/Crewe

The storage of chemicals in warehouses is a process that looks relatively simple on the surface. However it is very much a kin to an iceberg with an ever increasing complexity under the surface. Clients often provide limited information and expect rapid answers which could easily leave a company exposed to additional costs, increased operational complexity and higher risks of serious incidents that may lead to business closure. Whilst many logistic providers will employ a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (under the transport regulations), these may not be fully conversant with other regulatory regimes and could easily overlook a vital regulatory provision, leaving a company vulnerable.

This course is designed to provide a basic insight into specific legislation that is applicable to the storage of chemicals.

The workshop is suitable for all levels of personnel requiring a practical knowledge of chemical handling – including regulatory compliance specialists.

It will be useful to those specifically responsible for performing risk assessments and those who handle chemicals generally.

The workshop provides a basic insight into the warehousing of chemicals including:

  • H, S & E legislation
  • Flammables (DSEAR)
  • COSHH/Segregation
  • Work at Height
  • Manual Handling
  • Waste
  • CLP vs ADR
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • What do they tell you?
  • REACH impacts
  • Major Hazards (COMAH)
  • Anticipated presence
  • Performance Indicators
  • Asset management
  • Workplace Transport
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