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CLP Training

CLP Training

30 May 2022

All round the world, it is accepted that the chemicals we use in the workplace can pose a hazard to the health of those at work and those affected by that work, as well as a danger to the environment.

The CLP system in the EU and GHS across the world is used to determine the hazards and communicate them to users.

This 2 day ‘competence level’ workshop will show how the CLP Regulation ((EC) No 1272/2008) is used to classify hazardous substances and mixtures, and produce labels. It will provide training to allow accurate classification from first principles, the communication of that classification – labels, SDS and allow candidates to be able to answer in-depth legislative questions to ensure compliance.
The course is designed to meet the training and competence requirements of Annex II of REACH

The workshop is designed to provide personnel requiring a basic knowledge of chemical handling Safety data sheet (SDS) authors, staff responsible for approving SDS and staff responsible for chemical safety management / regulatory affairs

The workshop provides a detailed and comprehensive training into CLP classification including:

  •  The Regulatory Framework
  • GHS
  • CLP
  • Responsibilities
  • Compliance deadlines
  • The Classification System
  • Hazard Classes
  • Hazard Pictograms
  • Signal Words
  • Hazard, Precautionary and EUH Statements
  • Principles of precedence
  • Classification of substances – including use of the Inventory
  • Classification of mixtures – including cut off values, bridging principles, formulae, additivity and summation
  • Label format, content and application
  • Packaging
  • Format and content of SDS
  • Rules for the provision of SDS
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