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26 February 2020

CBA, Crewe Offices

This workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of COMAH safety reports including:

  • Background and key aspects
  • When the Regulations apply
  • The descriptive criteria
  • The predictive criteria consequence and frequency analysis including ALARP demonstration
  • The MAPP and SMS criteria including human factors
  • The technical criteria including asset integrity  management and functional safety management
  • The Improvement Plan

Under the COMAH regulations, operators of  upper  tier  sites  are  required  to  review  and  update their  safety  report  at  least  every  5  years  or  whenever  a  significant  change occurs on site.The   latest   Seveso   Directive   came   into   force   on   13thAugust   2012   and   was   implemented  in  the  UK  by  the  COMAH  2015 Regulations.

This  course  explores  the  requirements  of  COMAH including the recent changes and will suggest practical approaches to compiling  COMAH  safety  reports  in  line  with        the        Competent        Authority        expectations.

The   course   is   specifically   tailored   for   warehousing facilities.

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