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GB Biocidal Products Regulation Update

22 April 2021

Virtual Workshop

This half-day virtual seminar will provide a basic insight into the GB Biocidal Products Regulation including:

  •  Similarities and differences between EU BPR and GB BPR
  •  Active substance approval
    • GB Article 95
  •  Product authorisation
  •  National authorisation
    •  Simplifiedauthorisation
    • Renewal
  • Costs and timelines for approval

Why attend?
At the end of the Brexit transition period GB implemented their own biocidal products regulation. The existing EU Biocidal Products Regulation has been carried over into GB law but amended to enable it to operate effectively in GB. Companies placing biocidal products on the market in GB may need to take action to remain compliant with this new GB regulation.

In the half-day seminar, CBA’s Technical Team will cover the main points of the regulation and what steps companies need to take to remain compliant.

Who should attend?
The workshop is suitable for all levels of personnel requiring knowledge and information on this subject matter including regulatory compliance specialists.

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