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11 June 2020

CBA, Crewe Offices

The workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of the identification of hazards using the HAZID and HAZOP techniques including:

♦ Understanding when and why HAZID & HAZOP should be used

♦ Practical workshops on how to use HAZID and HAZOP tools

HAZID and HAZOP are two widely utilised techniques for the identification of hazards in the process industries. Identification of hazards is the important first step in carrying out a risk assessment – something that all health and safety legislation requires. This one day course will enable you to:

• Understand the principles that underline all types of risk assessment
• Ensure your risk assessments are proportionate and appropriate
• Manage the risk assessment process within your organisation or department

The course uses practical workshops in the HAZID and HAZOP technique tailored to typical warehousing and storage operations, and provides you with tips and techniques for use.

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