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Trading With Northern Ireland

24 November 2020

Virtual Seminar


This short virtual seminar will provide a high-level overview into aspects of the post transition landscape, such as:
Chemical Regulations
• Biocides
Northern Ireland Qualifying Goods (NIQG)
Trade controls
• Prior Informed Consent
• Drugs precursors
Customs processes
• Declarations
• Documentation
• Tariffs

Why attend?
At the end of the UK-EU transition period the Northern Ireland Protocol will ‘come into effect’.
As a consequence, Northern Ireland will remain subject to a number of EU rules but also subject to a number of rules within the United Kingdom.
Trade between GB and Northern Ireland will change accordingly and a number of practices will need to change to facilitate the transfer of goods.
In the seminar, CBA’s Technical Team will provide a series of aspects to consider if you trade goods between GB and Northern Ireland

Who should attend?
The workshop is suitable for all levels of personnel as it will provide high level points to consider.
It is designed as a thought starter to assist business understanding of what they may need to check and change!


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