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17 September 2020

Virtual Workshop

This short virtual seminar will provide a basic overview into aspects of the post transition landscape, such as:
♦ Poison Centres
♦ REACH Registrations
♦ Biocides
♦ Classification and Labelling
♦ Safety Data Sheets
♦ Transport
♦ Warehousing of Chemicals
♦ Trade Controls
♦ Rules of Origin
♦ Incoterms ® Rules
♦ Northern Ireland Protocol

Why attend?
The end of the UK-EU transition period is now on the horizon and the UK is moving into a new phase. Despite there being the possibility of an agreement between the UK and the EU for trade, there are a number of points that you need to be aware of to prepare in advance regardless of the potential outcomes.
The Government’s “UK’s New Start” campaign urges business to ‘Check, Change, Go’ but do you know what it is you need to check or change?
In the seminar, CBA’s Technical Team will provide a series of aspects to consider whether you trade just in the UK, with Europe or the rest of the world

Who should attend?
The workshop is suitable for all levels of personnel as it will provide high level points to consider.
It is designed as a thought starter or prelude to aid business understand what they need to check and change!

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