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Young Person Award Winner Announced

Young Person Award Winner Announced

3 May 2022

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) has named the winner of its annual Young Person Award as Anna Lawrence, Technical Sales Associate at WhitChem Limited.

CBA’s Young Person Award aims to encourage the excellence of young people and recognise their contribution to the chemical distribution sector.

Anna manages WhitChem’s textile accounts across the UK and Ireland and is also responsible for their textile-processing product range offered by their supplier, Tanatex. Anna also leads Whitchem’s marketing activities.

During her initial years at WhitChem, Anna worked to develop and launch their new website. As well as winning this award, Anna is a member of the CBA’s ‘Young Persons Forum’ in which she is looking to help attract future generations into the chemical supply chain, as well as raising the public’s perception of the industry as a whole.

CBA Chief Executive, Tim Doggett, said, “Anna is a wonderful example of a young person who is actively trying to raise the profile of the chemical supply chain and who has made many significant contributions to WhitChem, and she is a very worthy winner of this year’s CBA’s Young Person Award.”

Kate Mingay, Chair of the CBA stated, “I was delighted to announce Anna as the winner of this year’s Young Person Award. In a strong field of candidates her skills, enthusiasm, and dedication not only to her company and her personal career development but her passion for recruiting other young people into our industry and supporting and mentoring them has proven her to be a very worthy winner. We are so pleased that she has also joined our Young Person’s Forum and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Charles Hawley the managing director of WhitChem stated ““Everyone at WhitChem is incredibly proud of Anna being chosen for this award.  It is nearly four years since Anna joined us for her first job following completion of her Chemistry degree.  During that time, she has made great strides in learning about how chemicals distributors operate, and the chemicals industry works.  She has contributed to the success of WhitChem and continues to make the most of learning opportunities.  Anna is now in a new role driving an important segment of our business and continues to interact well with all her colleagues.  WhitChem/Azelis are fully enthusiastic of continuing our graduate scheme with Anna’s future input being an important part in its development.  Many congratulations to Anna.”

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