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Camida Limited

3000 Manchester Business Park,
Aviator Way,
M22 5TG

Tel: +353 52 6125455

Headquartered in Tipperary, Ireland, Camida is a leading supplier of organics intermediates. Organometallics, fine chemicals and infinite other chemical specialities to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Products are supplied on a scale from gram to multi-tonne quantities from a variety of sources around the world. This includes intermediates for chemical entities and pilot scale quantities for clinical trial production and for bulk commercial supply. Camida also specialise in Vendor reduction programs with focus on customer requirements and benefits. A technical sourcing department with global contacts and network is available for customers’ needs. Key quality systems complied which include: ISO 9001, GTDP, ESAD, MSQ, MAQ and Responsible care

Aviator Way, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5TG, UK
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