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Rakem Ltd

Irwell House, Wellington Street,

Tel: 0161 762 0044

Rakem Ltd, founded in 1996, is an agent and distributor for manufacturers who supply speciality raw material to the paper, coating, plastics, textile fibres, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We have a full technical sales team who can help ascertain your requirements and then tailor products to suit. We cover the UK and Ireland, have distribution sites located throughout the country and offer 25kg up to 10 tonne lots. Not only do we represent the largest Sulphate TiO² manufacturer, we complement that range with polymer emulsions, Kaolin, Calcium Carbonate and ATH from European manufacturers. With access to 7 R+D centres based in Western Europe, Rakem can offer unrivalled technical support in meeting our customers needs for innovation and improved optimisations.

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