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2M Group of Companies to manufacture plant-based packaging in milestone partnership with Xampla

20 November 2023

The 2M Group of Companies will manufacture multiple tonnes of Morro materials at our Milton Keynes manufacturing site.

Produced from plants, Morro offers a sustainable drop-in alternative to plastic, that fully biodegrades at the end of its life. The brand of natural materials will enable 2M to expand its portfolio of sustainable alternatives for manufacturing and distribution directly to brands, eliminating plastics from the supply chain.

Globally, three million tonnes of petroleum-based, non-biodegradable functional and barrier coatings for single-use paperboard packaging are produced each year. This contaminates paperboard recycling streams, causing packaging to be incinerated, dumped in landfill, or released into the environment.

Xampla and 2M Group Partnership

Morro Coating is a plant-based replacement for these traditional petroleum-based coatings. Fully biodegradable and home compostable, it is safe for food contact and offers high strength, grease and oxygen barrier properties. Morro materials are made from natural polymers and are not chemically modified, meaning they are exempt from the existing European single-use plastic directive.

Through our subsidiaries, we will work together with Xampla to address new customer needs in the personal care & Homecare Institutional and Industrial (HI&I) markets, as well as develop new opportunities and partnerships in the packaging space.

Mottie Kessler OBE, Chair and CEO of 2M said “Sustainability is one of our core business values and a key part of our growth strategy for the future. We look forward to working together over the coming months with the Xampla team to bring this exciting innovation to our customers. We see huge potential with Xampla’s technology and the Morro brand, and are excited at the opportunity it presents to support the transformation of our portfolio to more sustainable technologies.”

Alexandra French, CEO of Xampla, said “Our partnership with 2M marks a major milestone that will take Morro to the next phase of commercialisation. “Working with 2M’s wide-reaching network, our collaboration will enable more customers to use Morro materials across a range of products, demonstrating the potential for plant based materials in eliminating polluting plastics.”

This partnership is the first technology licencing agreement with Morro, building on the success of projects with leading meal kit retailer Gousto and global soft drinks manufacturer Britvic.

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