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DKSH and Tagra Biotechnologies launch Tagra’s new encapsulated pigments products CameleonCaps™ at the In-Cosmetics 2015

7 May 2015

DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus
on Asia, and Tagra, a premier producer of stabilized active
ingredients, unveiled Tagra’s CameleonCaps™, a new range of
encapsulated pigments, with a launch celebration at the In-
Cosmetics 2015.

Zurich, Switzerland, May 6, 2015 – DKSH’s Business Unit Performance
Materials, a leading specialty chemicals distributor, provided the platform
for Tagra to launch their innovative new range of encapsulated pigments
entitled CameleonCaps™, to the personal care and cosmetics industry.
Leveraging on a long-standing cooperation between the two companies,
wherein DKSH provides Market Expansion Services to Tagra in ten Asian
countries, Italy and the West Coast of North America, DKSH and Tagra
unveiled the new product range at the In-Cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona.

The CameleonCaps™ range is an extension to Tagra’s current
TagraCaps range, providing formulators with innovative solutions to most
current market trends in skin care and color cosmetics. The products are
developed and produced by applying Tagra’s cutting-edge manufacturing
technology RND™ (Release On Demand), which seals and protects each
micro-capped ingredient from chemical reactions like oxidation,
degradation and incompatibilities with other ingredients resulting in
prolonged shelf life.

CameleonCaps™ are designed and oriented for O/W emulsions, water
gels, foams and high SPF formulations. Like TagraCaps, the original
shade is hidden and pigments are disguised in formulation, maintaining
both appearance and texture. Color is revealed upon application by
rubbing formulation onto the skin. Key formulation advantages of the
product include a shell made of cellulose, considered as green polymer
maintaining formulations white mass tone or transparency, providing a
fast, intense color release with an excellent silky sensorial effect and
optimal coverage that imparts a natural color on the skin.

Tagra continues to collaborate with DKSH for its first-class reputation in
providing integrated and tailored Market Expansion Services along the
entire value chain, as well as for its comprehensive network and strong
customer base globally.

“It is our genuine honor to work with our long-standing partner Tagra in
the launch of their fantastic new product range and we very much look
forward to seeing the success that the CameleonCaps™ range brings,”
said Cesar Saez, Vice President Business Line Personal Care Industry,
DKSH Performance Materials.

About Tagra

Since its inception, Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd. (a part of the Efal Group)
has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of innovative
high performance microencapsulated ingredients for the cosmetic and
pharmaceutical industries.
Established in 1998 as an R&D start-up, Tagra began commercial
production in 2004, using its unique novel microencapsulation
technology. Today, Tagra is recognized as one of the pioneers and
leading companies in the field of microencapsulation. Tagra has a state
of the art R&D facility with a production plant which is fully ISO certified.
Tagra follows sustain-ability as its essential business practice and
preferred code of ethics.

About DKSH

DKSH is a leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on
Asia. As the term “Market Expansion Services” suggests, DKSH helps
other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing

Publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since March 2012, DKSH is a
global company headquartered in Zurich. With 750 business locations in
35 countries – 720 of them in Asia – and 27,600 specialized staff, DKSH
generated net sales of CHF 9.8 billion in 2014.

In 2015, DKSH celebrates its 150th anniversary. With strong Swiss
heritage, the company has a long tradition of doing business in and with
Asia, and is deeply rooted in communities and businesses across Asia

DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials is a leading specialty
chemicals distributor and provider of Market Expansion Services for
performance materials, covering Europe, North America and the whole of
Asia. The Business Unit sources, develops, markets and distributes a
wide range of specialty chemicals and ingredients for pharmaceutical,
personal care, food & beverage as well as various industrial applications.
In addition, it creates innovative and cutting-edge concepts and
applications in 27 innovation centers located worldwide. With 100
business locations in 27 countries and around 950 specialized staff,
Business Unit Performance Materials generated net sales of CHF 780
million in 2014.

For further information please contact:
DKSH Management Ltd.
Daniel Hollister
Communications Manager
Business Unit Performance Materials
Phone +44 20 8879 5513
Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd.
Dr. Adi Mesika
Business Development Manager
Phone +972 54 229 2654

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