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An Introduction to Media Management

An Introduction to Media Management

27 September 2022



Lights, camera, action…!

This half-day afternoon workshop is suitable for anyone who has had little or no previous interaction with media outlets.

This interactive course will not only introduce you to the world of media and journalism but also show you some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to interacting with media outlets, helping delegates achieve a realistic level of informed confidence when presenting and responding to media enquiries.

With the world becoming more digital, and online meetings and interviews becoming the medium of choice, it is important to know how to present yourself and look as professional as possible.

This workshop will be presented by Perris-Myatt, media training specialists, who are among the UK’s most experienced, bespoke media trainers, working with global brand names as well as public and voluntary sectors

The afternoon session will include:
• Introductions and attitudes towards the
• Top Tips for professional professional-looking digital
• Be prepared! A simple process to give you
confidence, including notification of CBA
Key Messages
• The media -are they out to get me? Why
journalists seem scary – but aren’t
• Preparation time for…
• 5 x interviews, with analysis

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