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Apprenticeships 101 – Your route to …

Apprenticeships 101 – Your route to fresh talent and new skills

1 March 2023


This event is being run by Cogent Skills

They’ve developed a ‘back to basics’ webinar for employers focussing on embracing apprenticeships in the science, technology and manufacturing sector.

This highly practical session will look at the apprenticeship system to give you valuable insight into effectively utilising apprenticeships within your organisation, from how apprenticeships are structured, funded and the key stakeholder responsibilities. Rachel Roby, Strategic Apprenticeship lead at Cogent Skills will guide you through this invaluable primer to developing your own future talent pipeline.

Cogent Skills reserve the right to restrict webinar attendance in certain circumstances. However, kindly note that this decision is taken only after careful consideration.

To book onto this course you can register here –

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