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Carriage of high strength Ammonia Solution…

Carriage of high strength Ammonia Solution in IBC’s

17 May 2022


The carriage of liquids in Intermediate Bulk Containers(IBCs) is not allowed if the vapour pressure exceeds110kPaat50oC.

Ammonia solution UN2672 at approximately 19% satisfies these specific requirements but above that concentration is prohibited within ADR. In the UK there has been a historical need for up to 35% strengths in critical industries and a series of Multilateral Agreements under ADR chapter 1.5.1 has allowed the practice to continue since 2000.

However, it became apparent that a more permanent solution was required so the Chemical Business Association, working in conjunction with Department for Transport agreed, developed, tested and obtained an approval for a new metallic IBC with increased pressure resistance.

To allow the IBC to be transported between UK and Ireland, a final MLA (M345) has been published. The MLA contains several requirements and two timelines which are causing some confusion so this event has been organised to share the legal requirements of the MLA, the types of IBC that can be used and the timeline for implementation

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