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CDS for Exports

7 February 2024


This Workshop is aimed at those involved in the Export of goods. Its focus is to guide on the further data needed for the Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

CDS for exports goes live 31st March 2024.

Course Framework
• Introduction: What is CDS and when does it take effect?
The Changes: What are the changes and how do they relate to the old
CHIEF system?
New Data Elements: Overview of what’s new and who needs to provide
the information
CDS Tariff Completion Rules: Where and how to access the information
Types Of Declarations: What are the different declarations available under
Supporting Documents: How does CDS differ from CHIEF
Data Sets: Overview of the eight Data Sets and their elements (that replace
the SAD Boxes)
• Details Of The Changes: A box-by-box (Data Set) guide to what’s changed…
Data Set 1: Declarations, Procedures and Additional Procedures
• Data Set 2: Previous Documents, Statements, Documents and References
• Data Set 3: Exporters, Importers, Sellers, Buyers etc (replacing the SAD
• Data Set 4: Delivery Terms (Incoterms), Tax Lines, Additions &
Deductions, Valuation
• Data Set 6: Packages, Quantities, Goods Description, Commodity Codes
• Data Set 7: Transport Modes, Identification, Containers, Seals
• Data Set 8: Quotas, Guarantees, Nature of Transactions, Statistical Value
• Specifics Issues Under Cds: Looking in detail at the major changes…
• Licences: Why LIC99 can no longer be used under CDS and what must be
done instead
• Document Codes: Why a positive statement is always required under CDS
• Commodity Codes: Why you need to fully understand the TARIFF
• Example Declarations
• Exports: Working through a real completed CDS entry

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