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CDS – What CDS is and the changes an…

CDS – What CDS is and the changes and requirements

27 March 2023


Clinic Content

What CDS is and the changes and requirements

The new updated postponement of CDS Exports.

Data element 2/3- Document codes Data element 6/17 – national additional codes.

An overview of a home use import declaration for rebated oil as an example declaration

An overview of the data elements required to be completed Guidance into the tax types and tax type codes Looking at the tariff and tariff measures and how to determine the National additional codes and requirements for CDS

Information and further links also to the CDS tariff volume 3.

The Presenter

Andy has over 19 years’ experience in freight forwarding and logistics. Covering Airfreight Imports , Sea freight and Road freight logistics. Having worked for various freight forwarders within this period he was responsible for all aspects of logistics and supply chains , customs entries and compliance.

Andy’s expertise covers import and export entries, inventory link ports, NCTS and ETSF warehousing and various customs entry software along with customs audits and compliance.

Andy is responsible for assisting and delivering various courses including the our new NCTS course, along with assisting our clients with our onecall service, shipping office, consultancy and audit work.



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