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Chemical Weapons Awareness Online Clinic

Chemical Weapons Awareness Online Clinic

13 December 2022



The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) has been in place since 1997 and introduced a verifiable ban on an entire class of weapons of mass destruction. The Chemical Business Association works closely with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and National Authorities and stakeholders who oversee, inspect, and enforce the Convention around the world.

Do you know if any of your chemical activities are in scope of the Convention? We are running an Online Clinic, which will be presented by Craig Wallbank and Terry Dance from the UK’s CWC National Authority (UKNA) in BEIS. They will explain the CWC and the important role it plays in the management of the international trade in toxic chemicals. This Online Clinic will help you to identify if any of your chemical activities are in scope and the actions companies need to take when they are. It will also provide an insight as to how the UK manages its CWC obligations and will offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions on it.


Craig and Terry both work in the UKNA, which is responsible for managing the implementation of the CWC throughout the UK including the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.
They cover a range of issues including CWC declarations, OPCW inspections, policy development and compliance management, they have collectively managed almost 200 inspections of UK defence and commercial facilities in the UK by the OPCW. They work closely with a range of government and non-government stakeholders on CWC implementation, including through the CWC Advisory Committee, an independent body which CBA is a member of and which provides oversight of the UKNA’s activities and expert advice on political and technological challenges.

As well as managing the implementation of the CWC in the UK the UKNA also works with UK stakeholders, including the CBA, to improve and enhance the performance of other CWC States Parties. In particular Craig and Terry have led exchange visits with three National Authorities in Africa to share their expertise and best practice, helped to train and test OPCW inspectors and spoken and presented at several international conferences and workshops.

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