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Chemistry For The Non-Chemist

Chemistry For The Non-Chemist

25 June 2024

Hybrid - Online / Crewe

An understanding of basic chemistry is very beneficial to companies who are involved in the supply and movement of chemicals. It can help you to understand the basic relationship between chemicals, how to recognise them and understand their

It also aids in the identification of incompatibilities and where things can go wrong, which helps you to identify potential risks within your business.

This one-day course concentrates on what is needed for industrial application, to demystify
the subject.

The course will be useful for:

  • Safety Data Sheet Authors
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSAs)
  • Those doing COSHH assessments
  • General Health and Safety professionals

It could also be beneficial to those new to the chemical industry, in sales roles and other office personnel of chemical companies.

The workshop provides a basic insight into aspects of:

• Chemical terms, Chemical symbols and the periodic table
• Chemical structures – Inorganic, Organic, functional groups – alcohols, ethers, etc
• Physical properties – Important physical properties of chemicals
• Chemical Properties – Acid, Base, pH and corrosivity, toxicity, explosives and oxidisers, flammability
• Reactions – Normal, dangerous, self-accelerating reactions and neutralisation

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