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CO2 reporting and reduction in the Supply …

CO2 reporting and reduction in the Supply Chain: Focus on transportation & logistics

25 May 2023


Calculating your carbon footprint has several advantages, including cost savings, innovation, and compliance with regulations. Identifying and quantifying CO2 emissions aids in the detection of
excessive energy consumption or other inefficiencies. Mapping CO2 emissions can help to improve
eco-design, process optimisation, and the development of business models.

The event aims to deliver on these points:
• Scope & definition

• Why do Scope 3 emissions from transport & logistics apply to your business, and what is
required by regulation?

• How to automate emission reports and differentiate between different precision levels of
calculation (aggregated vs. on shipment-level)

• Identifying possibilities for decarbonization in global freight transportation

• Case studies

• Q&A

About the speaker – Tobias Bohnhoff, co-founder, Shipzero
Tobias is a former strategy consultant and Head of Market Analytics at
Statista and Senior Consultant at LSP Digital.

• B.Sc. Geography, Hamburg University

• M.Sc. Management & Innovation, Steinbeis University, Berlin

• EU Climate Pact Ambassador and Deputy Head Region North at KI Bundesverband

About Shipzero

Shipzero is a data platform developed to calculate, analyse, and optimize
the carbon footprint of global freight transportation. The platform provides
a unique data perspective on logistics activities combining all relevant data
sets from companies out of the logistics network. Curated actionable insights
enable effective emission reduction, while taking care of time-consuming
and complex data gathering, calculation and reporting. This way, Shipzero facilitates the datadriven path to net¬ zero emissions for any company shipping goods around the globe.
shipzero I Decarbonize your supply chai

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