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Getting started with ESG: It’s easier than…

Getting started with ESG: It’s easier than you think

7 December 2022



ESG is an area of rapidly growing importance for businesses of all shapes and sizes. ESG can cover areas as diverse as environmental management, health and safety, governance, diversity and human resources. Bringing those elements together and understanding the data which provides vital insights into these areas is actually the basis for most ESG programmes.

In this webinar, VinciWorks ESG expert, Nick Henderson-Mayo, will aim to demystify ESG, help you understand the basics, and look at how to build an ESG programme without a lot of resource and investment. We’ll also look at key ESG regulations and compliance, as well as fundamental ESG data that every business should have at their fingertips. ESG might seem complicated, but most businesses, especially those in heavily regulated industries, will already be doing a lot. Getting started is likely much easier than you think.

• A background to what ESG is and why it matters
• The different factors and topics which make up ESG
• Sustainability vs. ESG – what’s the difference?
• How even simple ESG programmes can help your business
• ESG, compliance and regulation: what are the must do’s?
• ESG and data – getting the right information to your stakeholders

About the speaker

Nick Henderson-Mayo, Director of Learning and Content, VinciWorks
Nick Henderson-Mayo is the director of learning and content at VinciWorks, where he provides expert advice on regulatory compliance topics to UK law firms and international companies. Nick focuses on delivering compliance expertise across a range of business-critical areas including ESG, GDPR, D&I, governance, money laundering, employment law and more. Nick leads VinciWorks’ ESG consultancy work, supporting businesses to understand their gaps across environment, social and governance issues. He previously worked in policy for the Scottish Government, in public health and public policy NGOs, and advised start-up founders on organisational growth and development.

About VinciWorks

We are a creative and driven team working hard each day to reinvent the impact that compliance tools and training can make. Too many businesses are using boring, tedious and cumbersome processes to train their staff and maintain compliance. We know you can do better, and to prove it, we have been developing compliance training, tools and resources to help any organisation of any size to change the status quo. VinciWorks offers compliance training, software and resources relating to ESG, anti-money laundering, GDPR and data protection, anti-bribery, sanctions and more. We exist to cover every organisation’s compliance needs.

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