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Hand Sanitiser (Free Information Webinar) – Regulation, Safe Handling and Transport

14 May 2020


The webinar will provide insight into aspects of hand sanitiser manufacture in response to the COVID 19 pandemic including:

• Biocide Product Regulations Derogations
• HMRC alcohol easements
• Handling flammable liquids
• Transport of flammable liquids

Why Attend?
The current Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic has resulted in an increased demand for sanitising products. In an attempt to increase the supply of ‘alcohol based’ hand sanitisers, the UK government have issued derogations from the Biocidal Products Regulations. There have also been alcohol easements from HMRC to make the supply of ethanol easier for companies. This webinar will detail these derogations/easements and explain what actions companies still need to take if moving to the manufacture of hand sanitiser during this current situation.

For manufacturers that have switched production to hand sanitiser, they may not be used to handling flammable liquids. This webinar will also cover the safe handling and transport of flammable liquids.

Who should attend?
The aim of this webinar is to aid member companies to understand the issues surrounding the manufacture of hand sanitiser in response to the current pandemic.

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