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International Trade Week and Chemicals Und…

International Trade Week and Chemicals Understanding and simplifying regulatory compliance, export controls and HTS Schedules

4 November 2022



As part of the Department for International Trade’s ‘International Trade Week’, CBA has organised this ‘Online Clinic’ with Joe Bradley, CEO of Scitegrity Limited. Following an introduction by the Chemical Business Association, Joe will deliver the main presentation.

This short clinic is designed to explain:

• Give an understanding of the International Harmonised Tariff system and chemicals and how to apply it to get a HS code

• An overview of the various classes of chemical regulations that apply to international trade including REACH, CWC, Ozone Depleting, Controlled Drugs / precursors and strategic export control.

• How national and international chemical regulations have moved away from simple lists of chemicals to chemical classes and approaches that can be taken to improve compliance to them.
About Scitegrity Limited

Scitegrity was founded in 2011 by Joe Bradley and Ian Johns, former Pfizer, Roche and GSK drug discovery scientists and data managers.

Starting in 2014 and in collaboration with several major pharmaceutical companies we developed Controlled Substances Squared as a system designed to answer the deceptively simple looking question of “is this chemical controlled or regulated anywhere in the world”

About the Presenter – Joe Bradley, CEO, Scitegrity Limited
Joe was a biochemist with over a decade of experience in drug discovery as a team leader in Pfizer’s high throughput screening group. From there he moved into scientific data management across most disciplines within research.

In 2011 he found Scitegrity, with the aim of simplifying and improving compliance to the ever increasing complexity of international chemical regulations within R&D.

Joe has many years of experience in implementing controlled drug and legislation from around the world, scientific data access and analysis, business management and IT projects within R&D environments. He was an ELRIG general committee member ( for many years and is actively involved with the Pistoia Alliance.

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