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UK Poison Act Update (Including Northern I…

UK Poison Act Update (Including Northern Ireland)

13 February 2024


In 2015 the Poisons Act 1972 was amended to merge the provisions of the original act and the explosive precursors regulations. The amended act and regulations place a legal obligation to restrict sales of certain products to the general public as well as requirements to report any suspicious sale or significant loss or theft of the substance.

In 2022 the provisions of the act were subject to a consultation and in January 2023 updated provisions were enacted with an entry into force date of October 2023. The changes include the addition of a number of substances to the reportable and regulated annexes as well as increased obligations for B2B and professional user checks for regulated substances.

This online clinic will provide an overview of the Poisons Act, changes in the legislation that came into force last year and practical advice on what the new identification provisions will mean for organisations. It will also start to detail the different provisions for Northern Ireland further to a series of discussions.

Clinic Content:

  1. Poisons Act and explosive precursors regulation overview
  2. Legislation changes
  3. Northern Ireland
  4. What this will mean in practice
  5. Horizon scanning

The Presenters

Doug Leech – Special Projects Director, Chemical Business Association

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