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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

27 June 2023

Hybrid: Online/Crewe

When something goes wrong we need to act to prevent a re-occurrence. This is not a blaming exercise, but a learning exercise which if done well leads to many “A-ha!” moments of discovery and
understanding, ultimately leading to improvements to prevent repeat issues. If this is done frequently over a period substantial performance improvements are to be expected.

• Often investigations come up with the answer of “human error”, and then falter over identifying how to prevent future “human errors”. This is because the investigation has stopped too soon, often due to a lack of understanding of human errors.

• This Root Cause Analysis (RCA) course takes you through how to undertake a value adding RCA
activity, to get to the true root causes, and then to develop appropriate and cost effective corrective
• The workshop is suitable for all levels of personnel requiring an ability to undertake Root Cause

• This is relevant to many areas, including engineering, maintenance, production, quality, and HSE officers.

• The workshop provides a practical insight into aspects of Root Cause Analysis including:

● The tools used to investigate failures

● How to visually represent failure events
● The underpinning models and theories required inorder to correctly identify root causes
● How to develop relevant and cost effective corrective actions
● How to categorise different types of root causes,
which allows an organisation to identify trends and
patterns that can be addressed directly and proactively
● How to approach failures, to contain the issue to
protect the customer and the business, to create
time and space to undertake an RCA, and to ensure
the actions from the RCA are effective
● The importance of the RCA management system in
identifying failures and ensuring that RCAs are
initiated and completed

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