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Tariff Classification Explained (Member Only)

14 April 2021

Virtual Workshop

Presentations will be given by an expert in the import and export of goods and cover:

♦ The background to the tariff
♦ The UK Integrated Tariff
♦ The structure of Commodity Codes (HS Codes)
♦ Tariff classification using
• The European Customs Inventory of Chemical substances
• The General Rules of Interpretation
• The Classification Guides

Why attend?

Following the UK/EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement, correct tariff classification is now required for trade with the EU27. This workshop will provide an essential guide to an important area of international trade, and is one of a series aimed at raising awareness of post-Brexit trade issues.

This workshop looks at the background to the tariff, the information in the UK Global Tariff and explains the structure of commodity codes (HS Codes).

The workshop will include the rules relating to tariff classification, using the classification helpline and Binding Tariff Information (BTI) rulings and international trade procedures related to commodity codes.

There will be a brief look at the special provisions linked to commodity codes such as duty percentages, tariff suspension, preference and restrictions. While specific guidance related to certain classes of goods is given, the event is not for specific product classification.

Who should attend?
This training course is a must for anyone involved in international trade and is ideal for both beginners and experienced professionals.

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